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Staying regular means having a healthy digestive system. Whether we are adults or children – and especially if we are pregnant – diet, exercise and maintaining healthy toilet habits are all important in staying regular and preventing constipation.


  • Make sure you have enough fibre in your diet – which means eating a healthy, well balanced diet that includes fruits, vegetables, legumes, and whole-grain bread and cereals to add bulk to your stool and help you stay regular
  • Increasing your fluids may help improve regularity – for adults this means aiming to drink at least 2L of fluids a day (remember to limit sugary drinks!)
  • Try to be as active as possible – regular exercise is one way of helping us stay regular
  • Good toilet habits – maintaining a regular toilet time, for example, by going in the morning or soon after a meal when the bowel is most active can help you stay regular and never ignore the urge to use the toilet



  • Eating patterns can change when you are pregnant, but it is still important to eat healthily and make sure you have enough fibre and fluids in your diet
  • You may not feel like exercising – but try some gentle exercise such as walking, swimming or yoga


  • Constipation in children can be related to behavioural issues so it is important to establish a regular toilet routine and discourage ‘holding on’ or ignoring the urge to go.  Using a diary or a star chart reward system can help
  • Help make them feel happy and secure when using the toilet, using a footstool or a book to distract them can help
  • A well-balanced diet high in fibre with plenty of fluids and being active is as important for children as it is for adults