For soft comfy stools, use Coloxyl.
The easy choice for constipation relief.


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Looking for gradual relief for mild constipation?

coloxyl 50

Coloxyl 50 Stool Softener

Gentle constipation relief, twice daily formula

Looking for gradual

coloxyl 50

Coloxyl 120 Stool Softener

Gentle constipation relief, once daily formula

Looking for effective, overnight relief?

Coloxyl With Senna packshot - For constipation relief

Coloxyl with Senna

Dual action constipation relief, stimulates movement and softens stools

Want gentle relief for your infant?

coloxyl 50

Coloxyl Infant Drops

Gentle constipation relief, caramel & chocolate flavour for children 0-3 years


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Choosing is easy with Coloxyl stool softeners.

constipation in children

Constipation is common in children

Read our practical guide to helping understand and relieve your child’s constipation.


Pregnant and constipated?

Are you one of the many pregnant women who are experiencing constipation? There are simple ways to help relieve it.


Medications and constipation

Certain medications that slow bowel movements can cause constipation. Find out which medications are the common culprits, and which Coloxyl treatments can help.

going holiday

Going on holiday?

If you’re prone to constipation when you travel, read our tips to manage the problem.

Choosing is easy with Coloxyl stool softeners.