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Constipation on holiday

going holiday
When you have been looking forward to your holiday, you don’t want constipation to spoil your time away. But some people find that’s just what can happen with the sudden change in routine. Apart from feeling less comfortable going to toilet in unfamiliar bathrooms, there may be limited access to toilets which can disrupt your regular bowel habits. A change in sleeping patterns and usual activities may also contribute to becoming constipated while you are away.
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Constipation associated with travelling is usually due to:

  • A change in your diet
  • Not drinking enough water or becoming dehydrated on the journey
  • Long periods of inactivity
  • Putting off going to the toilet in unfamiliar surroundings


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If you are someone who is already susceptible to constipation, take proactive measures on your next trip:

  1. Consider your diet
  2. Drink plenty of water
  3. Keep moving

If lifestyle measures are not giving you the constipation relief that you need to allow you to get on with your holiday, then you may need extra help with a gentle laxative. Coloxyl offers a range of stool softeners that can be selected based on whether you are looking for gradual, or faster overnight relief.

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